I have a confession to make. I am challenged by July. Well, it’s not July per se that challenges me, but the qualities that July brings with him when he comes visiting. Hot, dry, intense (at least where I live), so much energy and enthusiasm he can burn-out the best of friends. For me, come this time of year, every day carries a sense of endurance. The days are long and bright, the planet busy, and as is appropriate for this high-yang season – there’s a lot of doing, doing, doing. (Add to that a 10 day streak of over 100° and you’ve got one unhappy camper in me.) Not surprisingly, this is the time of year that I feel my adrenals being challenged to their max. A couple of years ago in July I wrote a piece called I Haz Adrenals, and a second one called More From the Adrenal Zone, and already this summer I have had several people come into the office with signs that their adrenals are flagging as well. In that second blog I talked about an adrenal tincture that was very helpful for me in recovering my adrenal balance. At that time I was very lucky to have an herbal apothecary in town where I could go to get my custom tincture, but sadly that store is no more, and until last week I had been at a loss as to where my clients might find a similar blend for themselves. But happily, I’ve found a product that replaces that tincture quite sufficiently, and since I’ve been taking it daily, I’ve recovered my old pep. Vital Adapt is a compound of adaptogenic herbs made by Natura, a company founded by Donnie Yantz, a clinical nutritionist and master herbalist.  


 I’d like to say a quick something about the use of herbal medicine, especially in the form of tincture. I am not a good supplement taker. For some reason, even if I know it’s beneficial for me, I just can’t seem to keep a regular habit of swallowing capsules or tablets. But give me a tincture, and I’m good to go. I think the reason for this is not only the incredible convenience of using tincture, but that tincture is generally made from fresh plants, so the potency is strong, and with alcohol as its medium, it enters the bloodstream quickly and gets to work right away. I had a revelation the other day (a new thought to me, but perhaps “duh” to a seasoned herbalist) that tincture acts as a vibrational bridge between earth and human.
When herbal tincture is made from fresh plants, I believe that the vibrational signature of the plant is preserved (to a degree) so that when we humans consume the medicine, we benefit not only from the chemical constituents of the plant, but our personal vibration is brought closer into resonance with the source of us both – the earth. If the earth’s vibration is rising in frequency (as we hear from many sources) then I think that (along with energy medicine) the use of fresh plant medicine can help us get closer into sync with our planet’s energy. (This would be similar to, but less subtle, than the vibrational influence of homeopathy.)