I love that the celebration of Father’s Day is timed so closely with the Summer Solstice, because they both call our attention to the masculine impulse of Creation. The Summer Solstice is the height of the year’s cycle here in the northern hemisphere. It is the peak of Yang energy; the outstretch of arms, the lifted chin, the chest thrust forward and a mighty roar proclaiming the Yes-ness of life. The father-figure is the human representation of this Yang impulse. 

As with my mother’s day treatise – Honoring the Divine Feminine on Mother’s Day – I would again like to broaden our perspective and evoke the memory of the Divine Masculine on Father’s Day. The Yang impulse of creation is the energy that informs all that we consider fathering. This divine essence of Yang, brave and courageous in it’s unfolding, moves upward and outward, forging new paths, seeking new territory, expressing the fullness of life with trust and abandon. This is the energy of bold, unwavering love, the active energy of protection and motivation. His voice is heard in words of encouragement where discouragement has taken hold, his hand is felt in the push we need to breach our growing edge, His beauty is seen in the abundance of a garden in July. He holds the knowing that we are more than we think we are; He believes in our capacities, and He is our constant cheering section embracing the wisdom of learning from mistakes. His presence is felt during our times of accomplishment, thrill and celebration, and His is the hand that reaches out for us when we need to “pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again.”

Perhaps you have an earthly father that you are honoring on this Summer Solstice/Father’s Day, but if not, you can commune and pay homage to the Holy Father by celebrating the sun, climbing a mountain, or visiting a farmer’s market. Most importantly, celebrate yourself, your can-do and your infinite potential.