This exercise is good for clearing both heart and lung meridians, and since we have moved from summer (heart/fire) into fall (lung/metal) I think it’s an appropriate exercise for the transition.  9b2ea472-5281-4c62-8a33-5aefbcb10602

Though it comes from Donna Eden’s repertoire of energy exercises, I have taken to calling it The Artemis Stretch, named after the mythical goddess, protector of nature and the hunt.
  • Rub hands, shake them off, ground yourself a little with your hands on your thighs.
  • Take in a deep breath while lifting your arms up, one hand placed on your chest (over the lung), the other arm extended out to your side, with your fingers spread wide, much like the posture of an archer.
  • Turn your head to look at that outstretched hand, take a deep breath in, and exhale, imagining that you’re sending your breath down along the inside of your arm and off the fingers of your hand, releasing heartache and grief off of your pinky and thumb. Take a few breaths this way. And when you’re ready…
  • Take in another deep breath and switch arms, extending the opposite arm out to the side and bringing the other hand to your chest. Exhale, sending the breath down the arm and off the fingers, once again visualizing any stagnant energy moving out the fingers. Take a few breaths in this posture.
  • On an inhale, bring the extended hand back in to the chest, resting it over the lung, let your elbows drop, and end by bringing love back into yourself, sending love and compassion into your own heart center.