With the passing of Lughnasad, we’re easing into the season of Metal. This is the season of release and letting go, of cutting away the chaff. Though it may not yet seem apparent at this early stage, the Earth (in the Northern Hemisphere) is beginning c23ed4dd-dd5a-4410-b617-8954ff7ee437 to pull her energy inward, heading toward the “rest and refresh” phase of the creation cycle. The shadows grow longer, the nights grow cooler, and the leaves on the trees begin to show signs of the coming glory of fall. I LOVE this time of year. For me it brings a comforting feeling of surrender. It also is the season of my favorite spiritual concept: allowance. Since actively practicing the art of allowance (which I originally learned from The Way of Mastery, one of the most impactful books in my life), I feel greater relief, space, and inner freedom. Allowance is not grasping, not resisting, not trying to manage, wrangle, or change anything. Allowance is being with what is, opening, releasing, trusting, getting out of the way. This is exactly what we see the planet doing: letting go of what has reached its peak and prime, allowing transformation to occur. Between now and the Fall Equinox (September 23), pay attention to the shadows — both on the planet and on your inner plane. Notice how resistant you are to letting things move beyond your (perceived) control, or in a different time frame than you’d prefer. Notice what you’re still holding onto that has probably reached its “due-by” date, be it the season of summer, the clothes in your closet, a relationship, or a habit that no longer serves you. As I said, we’re in the early stages of this phase, which will intensify as we move deeper into fall, but I believe that the more awareness we bring to these cycles, the more graceful is the turning of our lives.