This piece comes from The Vibrant Life System™ a seven week course I teach for energetic self-care. The philosophy behind the Vibrant Life System™ is that by prioritizing the health and frequency of your own energetic vibration, you will become the most beneficial presence possible for the people and environment around you.

Greetings Gentle Person – I come to you with grave concern
and a plea for your attention. For too long I have been diligently protecting this kingdom from fiend and foe; the invaders of modernity.  My resources are depleted, my will is waning, and I fear for my realm.
There was a time when I was agile, strong, and swift on my feet. I ruled this kingdom with confidence, grace, and benevolence.  There was nothing I loved more than to go on progress with my queen, the lady Spleen, greeting and blessing the subjects of my realm, seeing all of its inhabitants working at their tasks, productive and proud to be contributing their part to the good of the whole. Our realm was prosperous, bountiful, beautiful and well ordered. On those days that I held court I listened to my people, to their concerns, I consulted with my advisors and I meted out my judgement with wisdom and clarity. In the event of an outside threat, my ability to respond was swift and succinct; strength, coupled with agility and intuition were my endowments. My sagacity and perspective were legendary, and my kingdom was truly harmonious.

And then came the insidious invaders. Not in honorable battle, approaching from across the horizon where I could see and identify them and form a proper response, but through the air and the waters and the crops. In front of me and behind me -nay, from every side come new threats. Even my most reliant nobles have been thrown off guard by these foes, behaving in ways previously unknown to me. Over and over, I have been forced to call my people into the castle for protection – so frequently are we under attack that our more distant lands have begun to wither from disuse and inattention. My knights are on constant guard or in battle, leaving their homes and ladies to fend for themselves. My queen, my beloved consort, dedicates herself to caring for our subjects who come to the castle for protection – the hungry, the frightened, the weary, the wounded. She gives so much of herself in service to me and to her subjects that she has lost her former glory and joyful countenance, barely able to trudge through the days of defensive living. It breaks my heart with the telling of it.

Frequently under siege, our castle fills with frightened peasants, their kith, and kin. Trapped within our fortress walls the air becomes stale, the waters foul, the offal stagnates. Under these untenable conditions tempers flair, suspicions arise, and we are no longer a thriving community but a congested, tense, and bitter faction riddled with strife. I can hardly say how much this grieves me, and even worse is the feeling that I am an incapable ruler, unworthy of my throne.
My dedication is to the survival of my kingdom at any cost, but I long for the idyllic days when I understood my enemies, and was able to respond with aptitude. To be honest, these adversaries of modernity confuse and frighten me. They are stealthy and cunning and I am ill equipped to meet them with my training of old. It was never my intention that I should always be at battle – it is my greatest pleasure to commune with my subjects and my queen, feasting and celebrating the prosperity and unity of our realm, enjoying the rapport between all factions of the kingdom. And now I have become a churlish old king, exhausted and unbalanced, sleeping with one eye open and sword in hand.

And herein is my plea, Gentle Person: help me. Help me adjust to this modernity. Help me learn where and how I must accommodate the new ways which have insinuated themselves into my domain. Introduce me to the new technologies that I must become familiar with so that I may discover what I can abide and what truly is a threat. Rally your wisdom and resources to aid me in purging the contaminates from my castle so that the waters can run clear and the air can be clean. Help me to organize my troops once again so that they may be the powerful force that they were designed to be, able to masterfully perform their duties. Relieve my lady please of her toil, bring her fresh recruits so that she may rest and replenish and return to the glorious majesty that she was destined to be.
As always, I am at your service, but without your awareness of the precarious circumstances that we find ourselves in, I fear that I may fail in the responsibility with which I have been entrusted – namely, the survival and protection of this wonderous kingdom.

Cast of Characters:
King = Triple Warmer system: meridian/radiant circuit
Queen = Spleen: meridian/radiant circuit
Kingdom = your body
Insidious Fiends and Foes of Modernity = EMFs, pollutants, cultural stress, news, technology, etc.
Knights and Ladies = Yang and Yin meridians
Subjects of the realm = cells, tissues, organs, etc.
Troops = meridian system
Nobles = Five Elements