Cultivating Artistry Class Tangibles

This program will follow a theme of congruence between heart, mind and body:

From the Oxford English Dictionary we learn that congruity comes from the Latin word congrentum meaning “agreeing, consistent, congruous.”  We might not think at first that congruity would be among the chief causes of suffering or illness in a human system, but on looking more deeply, we can see that in fact, there is little in our experience that doesn’t depend on congruity for us to maintain our health, satisfaction and joy of being alive.  A few of the words used to define congruity are: accordant, agreeing in action, harmonious, corresponding in character or qualities.  From this perspective it’s easy to see that when we shift our perspective from one small area of energy and its imbalance to agreement within the parts of a system, or among systems themselves, congruity is the larger pattern of balance or imbalance on which all other function depends.

Let’s take a simple example.  You work on yourself every day because you believe that it’s a healthy habit that will help you stay in peak condition.  Excellent.  You have worked hard to learn techniques that balance the subtle energies, maybe even getting several certifications.  You loved learning these tools and have marveled at the stories you’ve heard from your teachers. You are excited by the prospect of working with people.  Excellent.  You have a longtime pattern of comparing yourself to others and feel doubt when you actually get a body on the table. Hmmmm…  You do well in your classes, but you’re not able to get any clients.  Hmmmm…. You have a basic incongruity that tells your inner resources to work at cross purposes.  You have both the gas and the brake pedals pressed firmly to the floor!

Incongruity can trip us up as practitioners and it is something we will see time and again from our clients.  We will be exploring how to become (and stay!) congruent as practitioners through increased self awareness and by using simple techniques that will directly translate to our clients.  When we focus the available energy toward one goal, in full agreement and harmony; that’s FLOW.  Being in flow is the source of our creativity and manifesting abilities.  Couldn’t you use some of that?

Meditation – Build Your Inner Sanctuary

Systematically create a space within that you can return to and rely on for guidance, calm and direction during session work, resulting in broader access to solutions and a calm, assured, and creative engagement, giving your clients a deep and spiritual experience.

YinYang – Work With the Divine Pulse of the Universe:

You will learn to maintain a consistent awareness of the divine marriage of YinYang as it manifests in your client’s energy, and you will learn techniques to facilitate the balance between them which will result in smoother transitions and greater choice in your client’s energetic response to stressors. 

    • A breathing technique to balance yin and yang within yourself
    • Physical games/practices in groups and pairs to tangibly experience YinYang

Five Elements – Embrace the Dance of Fluctuation

You will become fascinated with the appearance of the Five Elements in every aspect of your life and work, helping you to maintain your relationship with Nature and re-establish the relationship with Nature that both you and your clients will find invaluable in moving toward and maintaining healing.

    • Looking at the model from a new perspective  – putting Earth in the middle.
    • A history and in-depth study of the 5 Elements
    • Tracking everything through the 5 Elements
    • Introduction of the Hara Alarm Points
    • Finger modes for the 5 Elements

Appreciating Triple Warmer – Bless Our Fight-Flight-Freeze Instinct

You will develop an enormous respect the miracle of human design and function that helps us to navigate the unpredictability of an ever-changing world.  Becoming more congruent in all your systems will help this powerful force “stand down” more often, returning vital energy to the supply that can make more direct contact with the Divine and more satisfying personal relationships a daily reality.  This gift will benefit both you and your clients.

    • Breath work for balancing Triple Warmer
    • The science of the stress response
    • Refined techniques, and creative ways to interrupt that stress response
    • Introduction of Traumatic Release Exercise

Table Time – Bring It All Through You

You will have an opportunity — in a nonjudgmental atmosphere — to explore appropriate and therapeutic touch and get practical feedback from your instructors and your peers, adding to your confidence as a practitioner.

    • Introducing techniques for working with fascia to free up energy in the body.
    • Intentional touch – making your touch count. The physical component of energy medicine. (Your clients won’t tell you if you have bad breath, neither will they mention how they experience your quality of touch.)
    • Ample table work to practice and experience high quality energy sessions.

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