Here is an Immune-Boosting Protocol for Winter Flu Season that we are offering here at our office.  The combination of energy medicine, massage, and essential oils give the lymphatic system a good clearing, making it better able to respond to the virus’s that you may encounter. Feel free to borrow it to offer your own clients and family members, or adapt it for your own self-care. A word about the choice of essential oils here: I am not advocating for any particular essential oil company, I use different ones. I will use both DoTerra’s On Guard, and Young Living’s Thieves blend depending on what I have on hand. Or you could use a blend of your own, including (but not limited to); clove, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, lemon, or wild orange. This protocol does assume a familiarity with some energy medicine techniques, if you are really new to EM, you can find the points I mention (neurolymphatics and neurovasculars) in Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine.


On Guard, or Thieves, essential oil blend

Heat packs

Bio-mat (optional – but we love our infra-red bio mat for deeply penetrating heat)

After-session immune-boosting beverage (immune support tea, Emergen C, shot of wheat grass, or some such thing)

Time of session, approximately 1 hr.

Client begins face down:

Gently rock the client

Open the head, neck and shoulders using massage and/or myofascial release

Spinal Flush

  • Make one lingering pass along the posterior neurolymphatics (spinal flush)
  • Put a few drops of essential oil blend along the spine, and distribute evenly with fingertips. Cover again with shirt or sheet and…
  • Make a second lingering pass along the posterior NLs (spinal flush)


  • Use fascial release around ankles, tops of feet, bottoms of feet with special attention to the spleen channel, from the big toe to above the ankle
  • Deeply massage the gaits, heels, and the outside edge of the foot
  • Twist and pull energy off each toe
  • Apply 3-4 drops of essential oil to your hands, then apply to both feet, top and bottom, paying attention to the space underneath and between the toes
  • Cover with sheet or socks and apply warm packs to the feet


  • Hopi Technique (optional)
  • Sweep energy from opposite shoulder to hip and down the leg, repeat other side, repeat several times (essentially creating a big X on the back)
  • Back hook-up (hold sacrum and power point, then mid-thoracic and power point, then power point and crown chakra)

Client turns face up:

  • Replace heat packs on top of feet
  • Massage occiput and head, pull out ears
  • Hold powerpoint/third eye hook up
  • Gently hold neurovascular points on head (main, and/or spleen above the ears)
  • Work neurolymphatics on front using firm pressure (under collar bone, along sternum, central at armpits, under breasts, to the side of breasts, under ribcage, down outside of legs, up inside of legs)
  • Clear Houston and Ileocecal valves
  • Smooth energy down to feet
  • Optional – sedate Kidney meridian if they seem especially toxic
  • Strengthen spleen using acupressure points
  • TW/Spleen hug with rocking
  • Optional – (depending on time) Black Pearl or Brazilian Toe
  • Smooth energy down from head to feet
  • K1 Wave/ hold K1
  • Ample figure 8s throughout the aura

Give client the immune-boosting beverage you’ve prepared.