Guided Meditations

Many of us cannot, or do not, differentiate who we are from what we think, and it takes time, intention, and discipline to cultivate the inner space which provides us with perspective; the ability to reflect on our thoughts, and the ability to notice what’s driving our actions. Guided meditations with Janie are a great way to let the world drop away and access your inner still point.

From Janie:

Michael Bernard Beckwith says that “choice is a function of awareness”; the more awareness we have, the more choice we have. I believe that our greatest privilege is our awareness. With ample awareness comes greater perspective, and freedom from the tyranny of the thought-reaction vortex. I equate awareness with the space between our thoughts; the more space we have the more choice we have.

I do not know of a better way to explore and expand that inner space than meditation, and I am very sympathetic to the conundrum many people have when they first begin to sit for meditation and cannot, for the life of them, get their minds to stop chattering long enough to experience the stillness and quietude they are told is in there. “I can’t meditate” are words I often hear, which is generally accompanied by self-judgement as not being good enough, smart enough, or disciplined enough to be capable of meditating.

This is why I am a proponent of guided meditation (also called visualization) for people who are newly launching their meditation practice. When we give our monkey-mind something specific to focus on -rather than attempt to focus on nothing at all- we are likely to be much more successful in accessing that inner space where we are freed from the gravity of our thoughts. Launching a meditation practice by attempting to jump into deep space without training can be futile, whereas skillful guidance can be a pleasure and a relief.”

Your Extraordinary Chakras

a profound experience of your energy body

This guided meditation allows you to transcend your physical body into the awareness of yourself as an energy-being. Calm and balance your nervous system, chakras, and aura, using your breath, focused attention, and the mantra “thank you, I love you”. With her soothing and resonant voice, Janie skillfully guides you through this profound experience of your holy energy body.

Your Inner Sanctuary


encounter the holy within


These five, 20 minute meditations take the listener deep into a meditative state where they encounter their Authentic Self in a natural sanctuary within. From that place, the listener is better able to access the stillness of mind and relaxation of body that they long for.  Beautifully produced, the listener is guided by Janie’s soothing voice accompanied by the sounds of nature. Your Inner Sanctuary is a powerful tool for both meditation and relaxation. (Best listened to using headphones.)

Reconciling the Body with Ho’oponopono 

bless your physical organs


Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. In this short meditation we borrow Ho’oponopono to reconcile ourselves with our bodies, and in particular, our organs. By directing Ho’oponopono to each organ we develop body-awareness, and an appreciation of the bodily functions that go on under the surface of our conscious mind.

“After 30 years of meditating, I have never experienced a guided meditation that was remotely this good. This stands in a class of it’s own. Masterfully produced, it has a gentle, natural background that supports Janie’s quiet, numinous voice guiding us. It is beautifully done and took me very deep, very quickly. I highly recommend it. Whether or not you meditate, if you are on a spiritual journey, this is well worth checking out.” – KS

Janie Chandler 

Janie is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and a founding faculty member of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program. She came into the field of energy medicine with a background in therapeutic massage, making her quality of touch refined. Her breadth of personal and professional knowledge of the work, combined with an articulate, fun and authentic teaching style, makes her a powerful teacher and a transformational practitioner.


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