Self-Healing Sessions (group)

Self-Healing Sessions are done online with a group of like-minded, like-intentioned people practicing compassionate self-responsibility from their own home. These are not classes so much as they are kinesthetic, meditative, and healing experiences.  Janie melds Eden Energy Medicine, breathwork, yogic practices, and her unique approach to myofascial work into a rich and deeply transformative experience. Sessions are offered on a sliding-fee scale of $20-$50. 

Self-Healing Session Themes

  • Chakra Clearing for Lighter Being

  • Restore Your Elemental Nature

  • Strengthen Your Stamina and Immunity


  • Awaken Your Radiant Circuits

  • Recalibrate Your Nervous System

Your approach using the different types of techniques (kundalini breathing, various postures, etc), made the healing session interesting and VERY effective in moving my energy. 

Oh my goodness, Janie! That was simply amazing. So needed. Thank you!

I love the link between Triple Warmer and fascia. This makes so much sense and it’s the first time I’ve heard this. Thank you!

Oh Janie that was beyond wonderful thank you! It’s one of the best workshops I have done. Such a beautifully woven sequence, perfectly paced. I will be signing up as regularly as I can for your ongoing sessions

Another wonderful session, Shamaness of Energy. Your words were beautiful and I love your delivery. The mudras were very powerful. Yum! The whole experience was wonderful, one I would both recommend and repeat. 

During the self-healing sessions of yours that I’ve done, I really feel as if I’m in ceremony.