Joseph Linaschke 2015We are now fully in the season of Water Element, a time of contemplation and gestation, moving inexorably to the still-point at the bottom of the year – the Winter Solstice. While some folks look forward to the solstice as the turning point when the world inhales again and the sun begins to return, others like myself cherish this season of (relative) quietude, stillness, and introspection. I love the grace of falling leaves, rain, and snow. I love the dampness of the earth, and how the fog and mist embrace and intermingle with her trees and mountains. I love the long shadows and the color of the fading afternoon light, and I love silence.  As I sit here writing this, our house is still, the sun has gone down behind the mountain, and I feel the delicious hibernation of evening coming on (cue the sound of a distant train…). If I pay close attention I can feel the seeds of the coming year within me, gestating the creations to come, and gathering the strength to express them with pizazz in the spring.