I’ve just returned from my second visit to England this year (and yes, I feel crazy blessed). I love the UK beyond reason, and though I’ve only been there three times, I feel like it is another home to me. This trip (like the one in February) was centered on teaching for Innersource at the European Union EM Certification Program, and both times I surrounded that “duty” with pleasure (a most welcome duty, which is really a pleasure). Upon hearing that I would be traveling to England a second time this year, my mother declared that seeing Stonehenge was one of her bucket-list items, and so we plotted a journey together. She flew over with me and we spent a week enjoying the English countryside, the pinnacle being our visit to the great monolith.


If my mother was ever unclear as to the integral part energy medicine plays in my life, this trip should have dispelled any question. Days before embarking on our journey I began admonishing her to do the Daily Routine in order to prepare herself for the immune-challenging travel, including a 9.5 hour flight, followed by bus, train and car travel. In the airport (and upon our arrival) I traced both of our meridian systems, congruent with the time in the UK.  Upon the morning of our first day there (and most days thereon) I insisted that we start the day with the Daily. About midway through our first day of playing in the Cotswolds we stopped for another energy break, helping mom to get grounded and rejuvenated as her energies adapted to the new time and place. When our friends Gill and Denny suggested that we take our shoes off and put our bare feet in the grass, and take the time to thump, rub, trace and stretch to get our energies moving, I think Mom was tickled to find out that there are more people like me in the world. (The photo shows this taking place in Stratford on Avon with Anne Hathaway’s cottage in the background.)


As per my usual way, I took a book of historical fiction along for the journey because I am endlessly fascinated with the English monarchy and the insanity that ran the show for ages. This time it was about Katherine Parr, Henry VIII’s sixth wife (who narrowly survived that honor, probably saved only because he died first). One of the thrills for me on this trip was visiting Sudley Castle where KP died and is buried.  In the Energy Medicine Moment segment of this newsletter I offer my humble version of “historical fiction” – more like “energy fiction” -giving Triple Warmer a voice to speak about the challenges he has as monarch of the body-realm. It is my hope that we can come to understand the purpose and desire of this great king, and to gain sympathy and insight to his travails. I hope you enjoy it, and that your own kingdom benefits from the story.