Are Your Tending to Your Immunity?

You’ve probably noticed this – but the world is a very weird place right now. The strength of our stamina and immunity (both mental and physical) is crucial to riding out this singular moment in human history.

It is my firm belief that consciousness is subject to viruses as much as our bodies are. Pierre Teilhard De Chardin coined the term “noosphere” to describe the sphere of human thought that enfolds planet earth much like the atmosphere does. We are all affected by this field of collective thought, and we need to be as vigilant in protecting our consciousness from the very real plague of fear, greed, and hate that currently runs rampant through the collective human psyche, as much as we need to protect our bodies from COVID 19 or any other virus.

The solution as I see it is that we need to mindfully tend to the immunity of our consciousness, along with the immune system of our bodies, to keep them strong, healthy, and immunized against the viruses that plague us.

With our physical bodies we know that building a strong immune system takes (at least) a healthy diet, exercise, and ample rest, and we’re all very aware right now that when there is a plague afoot we need to wash our hands thoroughly and regularly, cover our mouths when we cough, go into isolation when we are actively ill, and avoid areas of contamination unless it is our job to enter a virus-zone (in which case we wear protective suits).

We need to do much the same with our consciousness: we need to be educated, we need a healthy diet of rational, factual information, and we need to know how to discern the difference between rational thought and insanity. We need a consistent practice of spiritual study in order to gain a perspective of things greater than our small, egoic and fearful selves. We need to exercise our minds with stimulating conversation, study, and art – we’ve got to turn off the tv and step away from the screens – and we need ample rest; a tired brain contributes to a weak mind.

When we are in the midst of a plague we especially need to meditate and take time in nature to clear our minds and spirits. We need to be careful about the words we choose, the visions of the future that we entertain, and how we might be contributing to the spread of fear and judgement as opposed to caution and discernment. We need to recognize when we – or our loved ones – are on the edge of mental and emotional collapse and we need to have the courage and resources to takes steps of intervention. This is as good a time as ever to think – and act – outside of the box.

The state that we find ourselves in at this time on the planet is unprecedented, and the possibilities for our future are myriad. As any student of the subtle arts knows; “energy flows where attention goes”, so I suggest that our attention be placed on tending to our immunity and stamina (both physical and mental), as well as entertaining visions of a healed planet, and a healed noosphere, so that we can be anchors of well-being in a world of upheaval.