What is Energy Medicine?

Energy is all there is.

Scientifically speaking, all matter is composed of minuscule particles of energy – vibrating, pulsing, weaving into manifestation as solid objects.

This energy is called chi in Chinese Medicine, prana in yogic terms, and is referred to as the Life Force Impulse by Michael Beckwith.

Energy wants to move, it needs space to move, and it wants to move in specific patterns. You can influence your subtle energy through touch, breath, posture,  thought and intention. 

Our human bodies are composed of a “latticework” of vibrating energy systems which we can affect with touch, intention, breath, movement, and postures. Physical manifestation of dis-ease is preceded by energetic imbalance, or incoherence, in the vibrational frequencies of the subtle energy fields within and surrounding the physical body. Energetic habits that we develop throughout our human experience will either support or weaken our energy’s ability to be coherent, vibrant and resilient. Our health depends on how integrated and flowing we can keep our subtle energies.

The beauty of energy medicine is that every person can be empowered to positively affect their own subtle energies (chi or prana) with a basic understanding of the energetic systems at work in the body and simple exercises that can manage those energies (such as the meridians, the chakras and the aura). Ample information is available to begin at home right now on our Watch page and with our digital downloads.

Seeing a practitioner for treatment is another way to utilize energy medicine for your improved health. Sessions can vary in the ratio between treatment and education for your take-home practice. Long-distance coaching for developing skills and building a personal energy routine can be very beneficial for the individual who is intent on improving their health and vitality through self-responsibility.

For an even deeper understanding of energy and the specific systems that organize and direct our energies, and how to influence these energies for optimal health and well-being, taking a class is always fun and enlightening.

An excellent resource for energetic self-care is The Visual Atlas of Energy Medicine, created by Janie. Please visit our Study With Janie page to learn about this and other digital downloads designed to educate you in applying energy medicine in your life.

Janie has studied energy medicine with Donna Eden, Sandy Wand and Debra Burchard, since 1999, which was a natural evolution in her bodywork. As a beginning massage therapist, Janie intuitively knew that she was always interacting with energy fields, but until she began her formal studies of energy work, she didn’t have the construct of specific systems around which to organize her therapeutic choices. With a deep understanding of the nine energy systems as defined in the Eden Method, Janie’s treatments have become deeply transformative on an emotional and spiritual level as well as physical. Her warmth and humor combined with skillful articulation of energy medicine theory and technique, makes her a powerful teacher.


“Janie Chandler is a brilliant and gifted healer. She has been my “go to” person for 20 years. I trust her with my life.”
“I often arrive on Janie’s doorstep feeling scattered, frazzled and/or overwhelmed… after each session I feel centered, clear and in harmony with the world around me.”
~ Mallory Pierce
“It has been my great joy to receive Janie’s work for over 18 years! The demands of work and everyday living need care and attention to the body and spirit. Janie’s ability to tap into my needs intuitively have helped me remain healthy and balanced. My wish is that anyone searching for this type of work may be connected to Janie. Your life will be better for it.”

Janie Chandler 

Janie is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and a founding faculty member of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program. She came into the field of energy medicine with a background in therapeutic massage, making her quality of touch refined. Her breadth of personal and professional knowledge of the work, combined with an articulate, fun and authentic teaching style, makes her a powerful teacher and a transformational practitioner.

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