About Janie Chandler

Janie is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist who followed a circuitous path to a career in holistic health. As a young girl, her hands often found themselves working on her family and friend’s musculature and she frequently found herself in the role of confidant and counsel to people struggling with being human. From an early age she was in awe of the Unseen Mystery running through life and the natural world, and sought a deeper understanding of what it is to be human, through continuous studies of bodywork, physiology, consciousness and spirit. This is how she came to see human incarnation as a temple of conscious embodiment.

Janie is a deep listener, and has a kind, clear presence. She is frequently told by clients and students that they feel safe and seen with her, and can let their guard down. She’s also been told  that her quality of touch is exquisite.  Early on she knew that working with people in a healing and transformational capacity would be her forte. Her formal education at Colorado University was focused on religious studies and dance. In 1987 she graduated from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy as a certified massage therapist. With her husband Joseph, she joined the team at the Colorado Chronic Pain Clinic and began her studies of Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release. Since 1999, Janie has studied and trained extensively with Donna Eden in her approach to Energy Medicine. She is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, as well as a senior member of Donna’s faculty teaching the Eden Method nationally and internationally.

As a teacher, Janie is clear, concise, and articulate in her delivery of subject matter. She meets students where they are, and leads them to the edge of their comfort zone and beyond, into their growth zone where real transformation occurs. As a meditation guide, her voice is calm and soothing and her words evoke clear visual images.

Janie feels that she stands in the center of a bridge between the shores of left-brain and right-brain, between science and creativity. A bridge between linear, therapeutic massage, and intuitive, expansive energy work. She has been dedicated in uniting these two approaches to healing, helping people to discover themselves as energy beings, to fall in love with themselves, and to experience themselves as temples of conscious embodiment.

Janie is deeply grateful to all of the teachers that have infused her with insight and knowledge: Donna Eden, Sandy Wand, Debra Burchard, and Jai Dev Singh, among many others. She shares a private practice with her husband Joseph in Ashland Oregon, seeing clients in-office and online, and teaching in person and online.

“Janie is a gifted and insightful healer as well as a positive, caring practitioner with extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of energy medicine and massage. I have had remarkable results from her work, from pain relief to soul evolution! It is apparent that she is dedicated to a life of healing; her work and the sharing of her knowledge helped change my life profoundly.”

~ Michelle Niver

Janie Chandler 

Janie is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and a founding faculty member of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program. She came into the field of energy medicine with a background in therapeutic massage, making her quality of touch refined. Her breadth of personal and professional knowledge of the work, combined with an articulate, fun and authentic teaching style, makes her a powerful teacher and a transformational practitioner.

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