Since on Mother’s Day our collective focus is on Mothers, I would like to broaden the perspective and evoke our memory of The Divine Feminine, the One Mother who informs all that we consider to be mothering. This beloved attribute of the I AM presence, shows up in myriad ways, and is undiscriminating in who She loves. Though we refer to Her as she, her presence is genderless. She shines through any vehicle available; She is present in the soldier cradling a motherless child, She is present in the soup kitchen, She is present in the father who relinquishes his stance on homosexuality in the face of his gay son. She is present in the garden, in the school, in the hospital; she is the nurturance, guidance and support necessary for the flourishing of Life as it lives through the earth plane. She is present in the depth of grief, holding space for the regeneration of the heart. She is present at the height of joy, celebrating our success in harmonizing with The One. She is fearless, eternal, unconditional Love, present when we are a puddle of snot and tears, as well as when we are adorable and clever. She is present when you are giving birth to something; she is the endurance and supra-human strength that gets us through difficulties when we’d rather just curl up and die. Wherever compassion in present, there She is. Wherever something is allowed or forgiven, there is the Mother.
Perhaps you have an earthly representative of the Divine Mother that you are honoring today, but if not, you can commune and pay homage to the Holy Mother by adoring the moon, or a rose, or your next meal. Better yet, adore and honor the feminine aspect of yourself.