Here is my standard hydrotherapy practice (which I use about once a week during the warmer months of the year) to detoxify  b91d191b-70c5-47b5-916d-1df096e34e3emy cells and keep my immune system humming (and my hair healthy and shiny):
  • Begin by dry-brushing your skin with a soft-bristle, natural brush (or a dry washcloth). This stimulates the skin and increases lymphatic flow. I like to follow the flow of the yin and yang energies: up the (y)inside of the legs, torso and arms, and down the yang, or back-side of the body.
  • Get into a hot shower (soap up and rinse if you need to) and then alternate between a couple minutes of hot water, followed by a thirty second burst of cold water. Repeat this process three times, ending with the cold. (I like to focus the water on each of my organs while I do the cold burst – in fact it helps to distract me from the shock of the temperature. I turn my body, letting the cold water hit my liver, lungs, spleen, kidneys, adrenals, breasts, colon, etc., thanking them for their devoted service to my wellbeing.)
  • After getting out of the shower, keep your body warm, and drink a goodly amount of pure water. You don’t want to let a chill set in at this point, and you do want to replenish your body with fresh water.