heaven rushing VAI can’t think of a better energy exercise to celebrate (and take advantage of) the joyful and abundant energies of high summer than Heaven Rushing In.

One of the key aspects of this exercise is surrendering our resistance to receiving the abundance and infinite love that the Universe has for us.  It’s a practice of opening, surrendering and allowing – at the same time as beaming our love, gratitude, and appreciation back to the Universe.


  • Rub your hands and shake them off, rest your hands on your thighs for a moment or two and feel your feet on the ground.
  • Raise your arms up and out, lifting your chin and expanding your chest (careful not to strain your neck).
  • Allow yourself to open to the Divine Presence, surrendering any resistance to receiving the Infinite Love that is the matrix of all Being.  Drink this Loving Presence into your heart, into your chakras, in through your skin, in through the palms of your hands.  Pull it deep into your cells and bones and organs. Let it bless you with peace, ease, grace and abundance.
  • Do this for however long you are able to hold your arms up comfortably, and notice if there’s any sense of resistance, unworthiness, or self-judgement that may arise within you as you hold the posture.  If there is, let those thoughts and feelings pass and reconnect with yourself as eternal energy, indivisible from The One Being
  • If your arms get tired but you don’t feel done yet, let them rest a second and go back for more – there’s no such thing as too much with this exercise!
  • When you’re ready, draw your hands into your heart-center and close the exercise with a mantra of “thank-you, thank-you, thank-you…”